National Librarians during the WLIC 2017

CDNL’s annual theme was National Libraries Connecting Continents and Communities.

The morning session gave interesting overview how technology can serve in connecting cultural heritage from different organizations and countries. Open linked data, semantic web technology and open repositories give new possibilities to create cultural heritage services and to unify digital content. Key note speakers were Professor Eero Hyvönen from University of Helsinki and Aalto University (Finland) and Professor Hannu Salmi from Turku University (Finland).

IFLA session was owned to Global Vision. Secretary General Gerald Leitner guided participants to vote about IFLA Global Vision. Cultural heritage and preserving matters came up in National Librarian’s voting results.

Afternoon was owned to Digital Unification. Delegates heard interesting presentations about digitalization and unification projects in Poland, New Zealand and France.

Martijn Kleppe from the National Library of Netherlands presented National Library’s survey, Deborah Jacobs from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told about Global Libraries initiative and Renaldas Gudauskas presented renovated Lithuanian National Library with its brand new services.

The venue for the meeting was wonderful Four Domes Pavilion – modern arts museum with lot of glass and light. Thank you for Wroclaw – it was a wonderful day!

New chair of the CDNL

Ms Lily Knibbeler, General Director of the National Library of the Netherlands was elected for the new chair of CDNL for the term 2018 – 21. Director General Janne Andresoo from National Library of Estonia and National Librarian & CEO Rocky Ralebipi-Simela from National Library of South-Africa will continue as Vice-Chairs for the term 2017 - 2020. CDNL’s new secretary is Ms Adeline van den Berg from the National Library of Netherlands. Her contact information will be published later.

About CDNL

CDNL is an independent association of chief executives of national libraries, established to facilitate discussion and promote understanding and cooperation on matters of common interest worldwide. CDNL meets annually, usually on the Tuesday of the week of the IFLA conference.The annual meeting is hosted by the National Library of the country which hosts the IFLA conference. The Chief Executive or Director of the national library of every country is a member of CDNL as of right. Members may be represented at the meeting by their deputies.

The Statutes and Rules of Procedure (revised August 2008)

History of CDNL

CDNL was set up in 1974 to discuss policies and carry out activities that could be performed most effectively by national libraries, on the understanding that its work would be coordinated with the IFLA section of National Libraries. It grew from a rather loose organization in the late 1970's to a much more structured body in the 1990's. Under the presidency of Marianne Scott, the National Librarian of Canada, CDNL established its present statutes and rules of procedure, which gave the organization a much clearer and stronger foundation for its activities. The statutes were revised again in 2008, to allow countries to nominate additional non-voting representatives from organisations having a status equivalent to national libraries.
e-Legal Deposit

The most essential task of national libraries, the one which more than any other makes them what they are, is that they are responsible for acquiring, preserving and making accessible the publications (of all kinds) of the country.  Therefore it follows that legal deposit – the objective of which is to build a collection of the national literature – must be of fundamental importance for national libraries. In the digital age it is imperative that legal deposit extends to electronic publications. This will prevent a ‘digital black hole’ in the research archive and it will ensure the preservation of the memory of the 21st century. CDNL resources for e-legal deposit are available here.

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