CDNL 2004, Biblioteca Nacional, Buenos Aires

The 2004 CDNL meeting was hosted by la Biblioteca Nacional in Buenos Aires on Wednesday 25 August 2004

Item 6. Minutes of the 30th CDNL Meeting
Item 9. World Summit on the Information Society
Item 10. Presentations
  L Brindley. Economic Impact Assessment of the British Library. The consultants' report is Measuring Our Value. Powerpoint presentation available for download.
  I Parent. Merger of the National Archives and National Library in Canada. Powerpoint presentation.
  E Niggemann. The European Library. Powerpoint presentation.
Item 14. IFLA Section on National Libraries
Item 15. UNESCO Activities
  UNESCO Activities : Information Literacy
  UNESCO Activities : Memory of the World
Item 16. Reports from regional conferences
Item 18. ISSN