CDNL 2009 Annual Meeting Milan, Italy

The 2009 Annual Meeting of CDNL was held on Wednesday 26 August 2009, in Milan, Italy. Working papers, reports and presentations from the meeting can be found by clicking on the links below:

Working papers and presentations:

Agenda item Agenda
3 Minutes of the previous meeting
4 Report from ICADS - by C. Brazier (powerpoint)
5 Contributions from IFLA:

Address by Prof. Dr. Claudia Lux, president of IFLA 2007-2009(PDF)

Presentation by W. Tabb, Chair of the IFLA CLM (Copyright and Legal Matters) Core Activity, on IFLA's submission to WIPO: Report from IFLA CLM on advocacy to WIPO (Powerpoint) See also the IFLA Statement of Principles, which is a core document.

Report from the Section of National Libraries - by I. Parent
6 Panel discussion on ‘Challenges facing national libraries’
7 Presentation on the RFBNN - by G. Berthiaume (BAnQ) - English, French
8 Two papers for consideration by discussion groups:
'National Libraries Global - status'
Proposal for Decision on National Libraries Global

Welcome address by Mr Massimiliano Finazzer Flory, representing the City of Milan
Supplementary presentation on the National Library Foundation, Brazil