July 29, 2022

Dear CDNL colleagues,

What a wonderful CDNL meeting we had last Wednesday! It was so nice to (re)connect in real life, something we have sorely missed the last few years. The stories shared in the afternoon touched me and I know I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. What a rewarding experience it was to really engage in “deep listening”. I want to thank you all for your valuable contributions. My term as CDNL Chair has come to an end, and I confidently hand it over to Marie Louise Ayres. It was such a pity that Marie Louise couldn’t be there, let’s hope she recovers quickly.

Next year (August 21-25, 2023) the WLIC will take place in Rotterdam. Please block this week in your agenda, the exact date for the CNDL meeting will be determined at a later stage. I look forward very much to seeing you all in the Netherlands!

Finally, I wish you all a safe journey home.

With warm regards, Lily