CDNL 2010 – Gothenburg, Sweden

Index file

Approved Minutes of the 2009 Annual Meeting

Review of National Libraries Global
NLNZ Response to the Review

NLNZ Note to the Advisory Board of ICADS

Information Note and Proposal to CDNL

Response by The European Library Office to the review of National Libraries Global

Building of the Latin American Digital Library

Latin American Digital Library (PPT)

Report from ICADS

Report from the Chair on Activities 2007-2010

Panel discussion: Abstract of brief presentation by China

Chile – Lessons from the disaster

Lessons Learned – Disaster on National Heritage in Indonesia

Report from IFLA President Ellen Tise

The operation of discussion groups – notes for guidance
Group A: Scope note
Annex to the scope note for Group A
Group B: Scope note
Scope note for Group C: the role of national libraries in the promotion of literacy
Annex to the Scope note for Group C
Supplementary paper for Discussion Group C: Comments from the National Library of Uganda

Presentation on National Library of Puerto Rico, host of the 2011 Annual Meeting