CDNL 2005 – Oslo, Norway

Item 6. Agenda
Item 7. Minutes of the 2004 CDNL Meeting
Item 8. Presentations

Ingeborg Verhuel. ICABS: Report on relevant activities to CDNL. (ICABS ongoing activities and future plans)

Kristiina Hormia-Poutanen. Providing new services for the information society

Penny Carnaby. Showcasing National Libraries – The World Summit on the Information Society and national digital strategies’

Thorsteinn Halgrimsson. The International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC)

Vebjørn Søndersrød. Technology of carrying information is ever-changing.
The rationale for legal deposit is not.
Item 10. International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions [IFLA]
Item 11. IFLA Section on National Libraries
Item 12. IFLAPAC
Item 13. UNESCO – I
Item 14. Reports from regional conferences
(i) ABINIA (English) (Spanish)
(ii) CENL
(iii) SCANUL – ECS
Item 16. ISBN
Item 17. ISSN
Item 18. Country reports

List of participants

Déclaration de soutien au Sommet mondial sur la société de l’information

Declaration of support for the World Summit on the Information Society

Declaración de apoyo a la Cumbre Mundial sobre la Sociedad de la Información

IFLA – Alexandria Manifesto on Libraries, the Information Society in Action

IFLA – Position on Internet Governance