CDNL 2013 – Singapore, Singapore

1 Agenda

2 Minutes of 2012 annual Meeting

3 Report by CDNL Chairman – John Tsebe

4 FLA Standards Committee – Patrice Landry

5 FAIFE – Kai Ekholm

6 CDNL-AO: Dato’ Raslin Abu Bakar, National Library of Malaysia

7 CANL : John Tsebe, National Library of South Africa

8 Presentation : National Libraries of the Future

9 National Library of Malaysia – Mr Dato’ Raslin Abu Bakar,Director-General, National Library of Malaysia

10 Presentation : Trend Report

11 National Library of Vietnam – Ms Phan Kim Dung, Director, National Library of Vietnam

12 Sharing of results of Roundtable discussion in Singapore on synergies between National Libraries and Archives Speaker: Ms Ngian Lek Choh

13 Trend Report: Implications for National Libraries – Facilitator: Bas Savenije –National Library of Netherlands

14 Address by the President of IFLA – Ms Ingrid Parent

15 Breakout Session: National Library of the Future