CDNL 2002 – Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Business Arising From the Minutes of the 28th CDNL Meeting

Appendix 1 – Unesco Resolution on Digital Preservation

Item 6 Minutes of the 28th CDNL Meeting

Item 8 CDNL Committee on Digital Issues

Item 9 UNESCO Draft Charter on the Preservation of Digital Heritage

Item 10 The IFLA Internet Manifesto Issued by FAIFE (IFLA Committee on Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression)

Item 11.3, Presentation – UNESCO and the National Library of Latvia

Item 11.4, Presentation – Recent Developments at the National Library of Tunisia

Item 11.5, Presentation – Treasures of the World’s Great Libraries: an Exhibition at The National Library of Australia

Item 13 IFLA Core Activities Review Committee EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

Item 13 IFLA Core Activities Review Committee PRELIMINARY REPORT

Item 14 IFLA Section on National Libraries

Item 15, Presentation – Questionpoint: A Collaborative Digital Reference Service

Item 16 Document Supply: Future Trends and Challenges for National Libraries

Item 17.1, Regional Conference Report – An Intergovernmental Organization for National Libraries of Ibero-America (ABINIA)

Item 17.2, Regional Conference Report – Conference of European National Librarians (CENL)

Item 17.3, Regional Conference Report – Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL)

Item 17.4, Regional Conference Report – Conference of Directors of National Libraries of Asia and Oceania (CDNLAO)

Item 17.5, Regional Conference Report – Standing Conference of African National and University Librarians in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (SCANUL-ECS)

Item 18 International ISBN Agency

Item 19 ISSN International Centre

Item 20 Country Reports

Item 21 IFLA Roundtable on Newspapers