CDNL 2003 – Berlin, Germany

Item 6. Minutes of the 29th CDNL Meeting
Item 7. Business arising from the minutes.

CDNL Committee on Digital Issues

UNESCO Draft Charter on the Preservation of Digital Heritage
Item 8. Presentations

Experimenting with digitisation and the National Library of Egypt

Beginning of a new era for the National Diet Library: opening the the Kansai-kan and new services

A National Information Strategy for New Zealand

The International Children’s Digital Library
Item 9. National Libraries and the digital divide

Summary of Erland Kolding Nielsen’s presentation
Item 10. IFLA Section of National Libraries. Core Activities
Item 11. IFLA-CDNL Alliance for Bibliographic Standards
Item 12.IFLA Section on National Libraries
Item 13. UNESCO Activities including the restoration of the Iraqi cultural heritage

UNESCO World Summit on the Information Society
Item 14.1. Regional Conference Report –
Association of Ibero-American States for the Development of the National Libraries of the Countries of Ibero-America (ABINIA)
Item 14.2. Regional Conference Report –
Conference of European National Librarians (CENL)
Item 14.4. Regional Conference Report –
Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL)
Item 15. International ISBN Agency
Item 16. ISSN International Centre

Country Reports