CDNL annual meeting

Dear CDNL members, July 18, 2022

This year’s CDNL is coming closer and we would like to provide you all with the final details on the CDNL meeting which will take place on July 27. As you are used to, we ask you to do a little homework prior to the meeting (see the yellow marked points).

  • The question to prepare for the speed-date session (2 minutes-exchange with your peers in the morning):

What are your favourite, inspirational ‘famous words’ you often quote in your working life, and why?

Please share a quote – from literature, history, philosophy etc. – that has been a motivation to you in your working life and explain us why.

  • Please read the request in the attached letter from Narrative 4 to come ready with a 5 minute story to share about an object that is meaningful to you – and bring the object or a photograph of the object
  • Transport on July 27: the CDNL meeting takes place at the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Golden Lane, Dublin, which is not the same venue as the WLIC venue. You can either arrange a taxi or public transport (or walk) from your hotel to the Radisson Blu Hotel or make use of the bus kindly provided by the National Library of Ireland. There will be 1 bus available in front of the entrance of The Convention Centre Dublin ( which will leave at 09.15 hrs.

Furthermore, we are pleased to send you attached the following information:

  • The final version of the program, including contact details (in case you have any (CDNL related) questions while in Dublin)
  • Letter from Narrative 4 with more details on the Story Exchange Workshop

Kind regards and safe travels,

CDNL secretariat