CDNL 2023 Online Meeting: ‘New National Libraries: co-designing services for citizens’

My thanks to all who were able to attend our CDNL 2023 Online Meeting: ‘New National Libraries: co-designing services for citizens’ on 6 February 2023. I am sure those who were able to attend enjoyed the presentations from Janne Andresoo, Director, National Library of Estonia and Leslie Weir, Director, Libraries and Archives Canada (LAC) on how designing their new libraries was achieved through extensive collaboration and ‘co-design’ with their users. It was inspiring to hear from Janne and Leslie on how they adjusted their leadership styles to achieve the collaboration and partnerships required to deliver welcoming and accessible buildings in welcoming outdoor spaces.  

Dr Jana Kukk’s (co-founder and business designer: Rethink) presentation, during which she shared her deep knowledge and experience of co-designing services for our users, provided valuable insights and ideas for any of us who may be thinking about redesigning or building new library spaces. 

For those who were unable to attend the meeting or who would like to re-visit the presentations, a recording of the meeting can be accessed here. During their presentations, Janne and Leslie shared images of the wonderful spaces their Library users will be able to enjoy in their new buildings – both scheduled to open in 2026. I am sure the next three years will be incredibly busy for you both and will pass too quickly. I do hope I am lucky enough to visit your new Libraries when they are open for business. 

It was most pleasing to be able to appoint Leslie Weir, Director, LAC, to the second CDNL Vice-Chair position by acclamation. Congratulations Leslie and welcome to the CDNL Governance Committee – we are very much looking forward to working with you on CDNL matters and, arrangements for the annual CDNL in-person meeting. which will be held on Tuesday 22 August in Rotterdam. 

And finally, it was wonderful to hear from you, as fellow Library leaders, about the matters you would like to discuss at our Rotterdam meeting. There were two themes of common interest raised during the meeting – legal deposit and how to manage the increased volume and diversification of ‘publishing’,  and the implications of Artificial Intelligence – on our services, collections and users.  Janne, Leslie and I will meet shortly to consider your suggestions and begin forming a program for our next meeting. Please monitor the CDNL website and look out for further emails including a save the date and information on how to register your planned attendance. 

I will be in touch again shortly.

Kind regards 


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